How to Trim Hair with Trimmer

Using a hair trimmer is a quick, convenient and easy way to snip hair compared to the conventional use of scissors. However, as with all devices, it is advisable to follow the following steps to effectively use a hair trimmer:

  • The first step is to ensure that your hair is dry – using a hair trimmer on wet hair may end up cutting clumps of wet hair unevenly or damage the trimmer blades from rusting or both.
  • Secondly, you will need to decide how long do you want to cut your hair. A trimmer always comes in with a number of combing arrangements called ‘guards’, the length of its teeth determining the length of hair that can be spared by the trimmer. Now, a higher size – 7 or 8 implies that a fair length of hair will be spared, about an inch or so. On the contrary, a size 4 will end up heavily trimming your hair to the point of showing your scalp. Therefore, based on your requirements, choose a guard size.
  • TrimmerEnsure that the trimmer is well charged prior to use – it is quite frustrating to use one that fails to power up in the middle of a snipping operation.
  • The most important part now is to actually trim the hair – always use the trimmer bottoms up and very slowly, i.e. moving from below to above and against the direction of the hair growth. This always provides a smoother and more effective cut than in the direction of hair growth – leave the sideburns and neck hair for last, focusing first on the actual hair tresses.
  • Once the hair on the head is trimmed to satisfaction, focus on the other parts – sideburns and neck hair. These do not require any guard, so remove the guard and directly use the trimmer on the neck starting from the base (again, remember to move bottoms up) to ensure there is no growth at least above a t-shirt collar level. Finally trim the sideburns, again moving bottom up, and ensuring that both sideburns are snipped to the same levels.
  • That’s not all – the final step is to clear your trimmer and remove the hairs stuck to its blade. If it is a water proof trimmer (read the device manual), feel free to wash the trimmer.
  • Finally, oil the trimmer blades with the oil provided with the trimmer – it is always better to use the oil that comes with the device rather than go for any oil.
  • Dry the trimmer if necessary and charge it for the next operation.

Using the Trimmer on Body Delicates

A hair trimmer can also be used on other delicate parts of the body (armpits, chest and privates), but one needs to be extra careful while using the same, especially on the privates, which may bleed or get cut if used rashly or carelessly. Check if your hair trimmer has two sets of blades – there is generally a set of shorter teeth on the back that is best used for trimming hairs on the delicates. If the hair is too long, use the longer set of teeth first; for a smoother cut, use the shorter set