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My New Office Chair

Recently, I purchased the best office chair in 2017. It has only been 2 years since I bought my old chair, but the back support was aching my lower back. And considering the fact, that I have a terrible posture, this chair could have worsened the situation. This is one of the main reason that made me buy a new office chair.

The main issue was that the back of my old office chair had a metal L-joint support, and it began to bend gradually with time. This made me have back pains after sitting on the chair for a long time affecting my productivity and health too.

The new chair I bought is worth every penny. Aside from having the genuine leather, it also incorporates durable arms covered with cushy arm pads, pronounced lumbar form, and soft Ergo-contoured cushions, and it also features a gas lift mechanism with lockout. This makes my new office chair comfortable and worth my money unlike the previous one.

To examine the comfort level provided by the new chair, I put my butts as far back as possible in the seat. This allows my back to fit properly on the lumbar support and it also helps to prevent back pain by placing neck in line with the spine. Some chairs have a contoured back support to fit a person’s back properly while others don’t.

And my new office chair massages as well!

The chair incorporates four motors, two motors for massaging the lower back and two motors for massaging the upper back. Both pairs of motors can be used separately or together with the ability to change their intensity.

I think it is wise to spend a little extra cash on a chair if it is affordable. You might find that it was worth it later as you spend a lot of time sitting on it without being worn out or getting tired very fast.

Honestly speaking, I purchased the chair because of its simplicity and comfort. I made my decision and now it is up to you to make yours and reap the benefits.